Friday, 19 January 2018

It's Owl a bit punky

Hi there Fi here having some fun with the January Owl Kit from Powertex UK.  

This kit is a bit of Owl-right! Lots of luscious embellishments and a super MDF base kit that will be a great outdoor decoration once the spring comes and the owl has had time to fully cure (about 4 weeks).

So let's get started!

First I tipped out the embellishment kit onto a plate, then did the same with the added mdf dropouts - I just have to say how much I love the dropouts! Lots of circles that will be ideal for steam punk and grungy styles and loads more that will help to give depth on other creations.

Next I laid out a basic idea for where I was heading.  I was given the challenge to for a more steam punk look so I wanted to suggest a re-cycled re-used look and also went with the Owl being King of the Night!

Even if this hadn't been for a blog, I would have taken a photo of my layout for reference - even though I might change a few bits as go ahead.

Once the photo is taken move your pieces off the owl.

Tip: When I removing my lay out, I laid them out in little groups so I didn't waste time or get frustrated looking for each piece.

Next I painted both sides and all the edges of the main owl piece with Powertex Bronze.  I dried off with the hairdryer.  

Next I ripped up a sheet of kitchen paper and separated the layers. 

I poured some Powertex onto the body and worked in to pieces of the kitchen paper, moving the kitchen paper into position with my brush.

I then moved on to the wings.  I painted with Powertex, cut the narrow lace in half and worked Powertex into it. I then shaped the lace around the outside of the right wing and the inside of the left wing - I like mixing things up and felt it added to the theme.

Next I worked on the eyes and the crown of my majestic owl.

I raised the left eye proud of the base by placing 4 of the dropout circles behind the main eye circle using Powertex. 

I added a metal embellishment inside the eye and then one of the glass pebbles, I moved on to complete the right eye and and the crown.

Remember Powertex is paint, glue, fabric hardener, pigment all in one so no need for additional mediums

Once this was done I completed the wings by adding layers of embellishments and referred to my photo when needed.

I used some more kitchen paper, that had Powertex worked in, under some embellishments to give it extra purchase.

Once the wings were complete, I worked on the main body, tail and branch areas.

I did change things around a little here from how I had originally laid it out. 

Don't worry about getting Powertex on the glass and resin embellishments as these can be wiped off gently with a baby wipe

Once I was happy with the placement of embellishments, I loaded my brush with Powertex and stippled over some areas where the embellishments were heavy for extra sticking power.  I then left it overnight to fully dry.

Once the night was over it was time to bring King Owl to life adding colour to enhance his gorgeousness!

First using Easy Varnish and Dark Green PowerColor I added colour to the lower sections of the wings, branch and body.

I then added a little white to lighten to a sage green and added this to some areas.

Next with a clean brush I added Yellow ochre and then Yellow Ochre and White.

I added highlights of Copper Colortrix to finish.

Because my owl is King and is altered with a nod to Steam Punk, I added an odd bit of chain and some Copper coloured glass glitter from my personal stash.

Here is my completed King Owl - I hope you agree he is a bit of an Owl right punky King of the Night!

Grab yourself and Owl Kit while they are still available and have some fun.  If you want to hang him outside, make sure all the edges of every piece of MDF have been well coated in Powertex and left inside for 3-4 weeks.

Below are some of close ups of my finished owl, left over embellishments and dropouts and a photo of my mixed up palette.

Until next time...
Fi xxx


Sunday, 14 January 2018

An Arty Crafty Happy New Year with gratitude and thanks

Hi there and a Very Happy New Year! 

Better two weeks in than never!  Can you believe we are half way through January already?  I cannot believe how lucky I was as 2017 drew to a close.

I was lucky enpugh to win Juna Biagioni's give away of a place on Dirty Footprints Studio 21 Secrets Art journalling course on which she is teaching.  I don't know about you but I have never been lucky with these until November that is.  

I've entered hundreds of competitions and give aways over the years but this one came on the day we said goodbye to our wonderful arty friend, Liz Welch.  Liz was so encouraging of not only my art journey but that of two great friends we met monthly to do art journalling until sadly she became poorly again.  We each had some wonderful arty crafty things happen at the end of 2017 and we feel sure Liz sprinkled some stardust on us.  Thank you Liz for being part of our lives, we will never forget those very special times we shared with you.

In December I had a fun crafty day with my friend Nikki K and made a few tags for her using some of the great Tando and Decoart Kits she had on her Hochanda shows on Christmas Eve. We had a lot of fun!  I'll grab some photo's for another blog soon.

Then Wham! It was Christmas!  I got very painty over the festive break and did a lot of Powertex - of course! I mean life would be boring if I didn't have Powertex in my life.  

I entered my Winter Ice Cave piece in a competition over on Abyssimo Open Studio Group over Christmas as was delighted to come third.  My prize was a place on one of her wonderful courses.  I chose Abyssimo's Marvellous Mixed Media 3-D Techniques course and I have watched the videos twice already!  I can't show you the piece yet as it is winging it's way to Canada as part of an ATC Swap organised by my friend Hannah Oxberry and Mixed up Mag.  What fun I have had!

As if that wasn't enough, oh my what came next reduced me to happy but grateful tears! 

I was thrilled to bits and over the moon to be awarded Powertex Team Member of the Year at the end of my first year on the Powertex UK DT! I can't thank Tracey and Garry who are Powertex UK for all their encouragement and opportunities they have given not just me but my DT teamies and Powertex Tutor colleagues.  

On top of all that I was asked to be on the DT for a second year! 

So that's my news and I can't tell you how grateful and thankful I am and how much I hope you too get have some great times arty crafty creative times ahead in 2018.

So what have you been creating?  Share on my page (or over on Powertex Addicts United if you've been creating with Powertex).  We all love to see what you have been making.

Oh and while I think of it, there have been some great new Powertex Blogs already this year from my team mates. I've got a blog out at this week using a fabulous Powertex Owl Project Pack.  Check the blog out if you need some inspiration to get you started.

Happy Creating
Bye for now