Thursday, 16 November 2017

Ministry of Mixology Coventry - November 2017

Wowee this November has to be the most arty painty creative month ever!  First the NEC, then a day on Powertex product development (new workshop dates blogs coming soon) and then on...

I'm just back from the fabulously crazy arty weekend that is Ministry of Mixology or MoM!  

This was held at the Holiday Inn Academy Hotel in Coventry which was a great venue, especially as I'm only 20 minutes away!  It was great to see old friends and new as well as meeting the real people behind so many facebook profiles.

On Saturday I took a class with Tzanidakis Antonis, a hugely talented mixed media artist from Greece. Oh my this guy is crazy and funny and a fantastic teacher.  His project was BIG, I learnt so many techniques and I loved every minute.  

This is the project we made under his watchful eye, it was a fantastic project!

In the evening the MoM team organised a series of Make and Takes led by some hugely talented mixed media artists AKA Super-Elves.  

I took a class with Suz Humphreys of Surrey Crafts. This was so well organised and prepped and I enjoyed it immensely.  The techniques were easy to follow and Suz included a cheeky hidden photo of Mr Andy Skinner! Not sure if he knew!!!

Sunday couldn't come soon enough and a class with Andy Skinner.  This is the second time I've had the Andy Skinner experience and I enjoyed the altogether relaxed pace for a Sunday, after a busy Saturday and not to mention a slow gin or two!  More great techniques and a build up of colour with subtle washes.  Love the finished piece!

Sadly it was all over too soon until today, Wednesday, that is.  

My fabulous and hugely talented friend Nikki K and I craft together just for fun, a natter and a catch up as friends do.  Nikki was busy recreating her own "backwards crackle" technique Make and Take piece for Tando's blog.  So I persuaded her to let me follow along (lots of builders strength tea and a tasty lunch worked nicely).  Thanks Nikki you topped my arty crafty paint week off perfectly.

Nikki's original piece has coiled wire and two fab skulls to form a hanger.  To finish my piece I used Hannah Oxberry's rust craft wire.  This is a brilliant technique and one I shall be using again.

And that's it, four wonderful crafty days out of the last 6.  I guess I better go back to the day job tomorrow then!

Bye for now

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Powertex Hat - NEC November 2017

Hi there long time no see!

I took a nice break and enjoyed 2 weeks in Cornwall in September and October just seemed to disappear!  Then November came along with a fabulous Hobby show at the NEC and I had a great time with Powertex UK demonstrating all kinds of texy things.

There was a lot of interest in the hat I bought along to alter with Powertex and so as promised here is a quick step by step photo story of how this old felt trilby was transformed into a bit of goth type magic. 

I started with a selection of fabrics and added MDF, Plaster and sand embellishments.

Once it was dry I added a variety of pigments to give it colour and to bring out all the fabulous textures.

It really was a great project to make and I wore it the following weekend at Ministry of Mixology, Coventry and here is the finiished hat.

Products used were all Powertex:

Have fun and happy 'Texing

Bye for now